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This topic is about the contrast of text. There are 5 different graduation of gray with a white background, that go straight with more darkness from light gray to black. In the 3 most lightest hues it says "insufficient contrast", in dark grey it says "sufficient for large text" and in black it says "very good contrast".

Think Accessible!

The contrast between the foreground and background colours should be high enough for everyone to see the content. Sufficient contrast in text is not only important for people with visual impairments. In general, it prevents reading fatigue and ensures good readability, for example when the sun is shining on the desktop.

Further information.

The international standard WCAG. 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) specifies when contrast is sufficient. This can be checked with tools such as the Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA), which can be downloaded free of charge. The #DigiBar website has a screencast guide to the CCA

The tool provides a variety of results. It distinguishes between normal and large text and graphics, and also between levels of conformance (AA = minimum contrast; AAA = increased contrast).

The screenshot of the CCA tool shows that the selected contrast meets the minimum requirements for large text, but not the increased requirements for normal text. The result below shows that the minimum contrast is sufficient for non-textual content such as graphics.
Screenshot from the CCA tool

Responsible for the content: WG “Digital Accessibility Campaign”.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please contact Sanja Grimminger.

Website: “Think Accessible!”.

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