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VITALS | Part I: How to deal with student challenges in virtual international teaching environments

13.01.2023 – 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr


Dr. phil. Annika Brück-Hübner




VITALS: A didactical and methodical introduction in Virtual International Teaching in Higher Education for lecturers and scholars of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies!

The internationalization of courses at universities is increasingly in demand. Through (virtual) international seminars, lecturers as well as students can expand their intercultural but also professional competencies, build international networks and jointly design innovative teaching. In comparison to physical mobility, digital internationalization is considerably less expensive. Moreover, it is more inclusive, flexible and sustainable, while promoting digital competencies of participants. However, these innovative teaching formats also entail numerous challenges such as technical and organizational requirements, special didactical and methodological demands, as well as performance assessment and certification issues. This cycle of workshops addresses different possibilities for the internationalization of virtual courses, their potential and associated challenges. It will also present and test (partially) didactical and methodological approaches. The aim of the workshops is threefold. Firstly, they give participants insights into various possibilities of internationalizing courses. Secondly, they support attendees with theoretical background knowledge as well as didactical and methodological input. Finally, they offer practical suggestions for the virtual internationalization of their own courses.

Performance assessment in virtual international seminars is often a challenge for two reasons: on the one hand, accreditation and recognition of performance must be ensured for all students, regardless of their home university. On the other hand, the focus of virtual international seminars is usually not only on pure knowledge transfer and thus measurable learning outcomes, but also includes more complex learning objectives such as intercultural cooperation and intercultural reflexivity. If the journey is seen as the destination, the whole teaching and learning process requires the inclusion of formative ways of performance measurement and assessment. The ePortfolio is an instrument that can document formative as well as summative learning processes and make them the subject of performance assessment, and at the same time support processes of (intercultural) exchange and reflection. This workshop will provide a didactical introduction to the use of ePortfolios as a reflection and performance assessment tool in virtual international seminars.

This event is held in English.

It should be noted that this event only serves to supplement the HDM certificate and can therefore be credited to a limited extent. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Participants will be able to:
• be aware of the particular challenges of virtual international communication and interaction and the problems that often arise.
• know didactical and methodic approaches that can be used to address the particular;
• communication and comprehension problems in the context of virtual international courses;
• understand the importance of feedback as a central component for virtual international teaching and know criteria for good digital feedback.

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