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Teaching-training Introductory Workshop

14.09.2023 – 10:00 – 14:00 Uhr


Juliane Sommer, Richard Vargas




Basic teaching methods and approaches are essential for planning, preparing, and delivering course sessions as constitutive units of learning. That means that teachers should tailor contents and thematic development of teaching sessions according to learners’ needs and expectations. Lecturers also need to consider basic but meaningful teaching considerations for designing a course session successfully.

Consequently, this workshop addresses fundamental aspects of course design, as the conception of teaching and learning objectives, understanding and organising the different stages of a course, integration of feedback and assessment strategies as well as the implementation of digital tools for interactive teaching-learning activities and tasks. Furthermore, the course will deal with the application of these teaching principles in international settings and address additional aspects especially important when holding an international course.
The course’s methodology follows a two-tiered approach that combines theory and practice.

The aim of this workshop is twofold. On the one hand, it seeks to get participants acquainted with basic teaching methods and approaches of teaching session design. On the other hand, it attempts to improve participants’ teaching skills in a variety of academic settings as well online as face-to-face.

Note: This workshop includes additional text documents and presentation slides to introduce and explain each topic. Participants receive a detailed bibliography and handouts of digital tools and resources.


This workshop will take place on two dates. The first date is on Thursday 14.09.2023 from 10.00 to 14.00. The second date is on Monday 18.09.2023 from 10.00 to 14.00.

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